Check Out Our Fall Class Schedule

6:15 am
Flow Yoga – Rebecca (60 mins)
8:00 am
Express Spin & Stretch – Sigrid (45 mins)
9:00 am
Full Body Strength  – Sigrid (55 mins)
10:00 am
Fit & Fab – Sigrid (55 mins)
12:05 pm
Power Legs -Teresa (45 mins)
5:30 pmSASS – Kelsie (75 mins)
7:00 pm

Flow Yoga – Kelsie (60 mins)


6:00 amSpin – Becky (50 mins)
7:00 amExpress Strength – Becky (45 mins)
9:00 amYoga Sculpt – Alison (55 mins)
10:00 amFusion – Alison (55 mins)
11:15 amExpress Spin & Stretch- Kelsie (45 mins)
12:05 pmBarre – Kelsie (45 mins)
7:30 pmAroma Yoga – Laura (75 mins)
6:15 amStrong Yoga – Rebecca (60 mins)
8:00 am Express Spin & Core – Sigrid (55 mins)
9:00 amPower Hour – Sigrid (55 mins)
10:00 amFit & Fab – Sigrid (55 mins)
11:15 amToddler & Me Dance -Kelly (30 mins)
12:05 pmUpper Flex – Teresa (45 mins)
6:30 pmSpin- Courtney (55 mins)
6:00 amSpin – Tricia/Ellen (50 mins)
7:00 amToned & Strong – Tom (55 mins)
9:00 amYoga Sculpt – Alison (55 mins)
10:00 amFusion – Alison (55 mins)
11:05 amDance Fit – Kelly (55 mins)
12:05 pmExpress Spin & Core – Becky (50 mins)
5:30 pmFull Body Strength – Chris (55 mins)
9:00 am
Boxercise – Tom (55 mins)
10:15 am
Spin – Kelsie (45 mins)
11:05 am
Barre  – Kelsie (55 mins)
12:05 pm
Essentrics – Carmen (45 mins)
8:00 am
Slow Flow Yoga – Alison (75 mins)
9:30 am
Bootcamp Circuit -Teresa/Courtney (55 mins)
9:15 am
Yin Yoga – Stephen  (75 mins)
10:45 am
Pilates- Chelsea (55 mins)

Please make a booking for all classes! Book online or call to reserve. Bookings are taken one day in advance

Class Descriptions


This medium intensity class will utilize a variety of weights and
props to boost your heart rate, build strength, tone your
muscles & increase stamina giving you a ‘lift’ for the day.

Superset, all strength moves, guaranteed to build, and tone.
Full body with endurance burns, focusing on mind-muscle

This 45-minute strength class is the perfect ‘get in and get out’
program to boost your energy. Sweat, relieve stress,
strengthen your heart and bones, & keep burning fat for hours!

Execute full-body compound movements. Our focus is form
and balance, increasing functional strength, and building lean
muscle. Towards the end of class, we bring in some HIIT,
turning your body into a calorie burning machine!

This is a strength and conditioning class full of back-to-back
exercises, utilizing a variety of equipment designed to improve,
maintain, and gain strength. Be ready to bring your best to a fun
45-minute class that will leave you happy you joined!

An upper body workout programmed with strong super-sets.
You can count on a fun, upbeat class to help boost your
strength. Focus on proper form and pace can then be applied in
your weight room routine.

Change up your workout with a fun and challenging circuit! This
class incorporates strength, core & cardio using a wide variety
of studio equipment. Show up ready to move!

Ideal class for our active agers and new to fitness joiners! We
want to keep you moving and strong! This class is tailored
especially for you to increase your cardio, strength, mobility,
balance, and energy.

Yoga develops strength, flexibility and endurance for any age or
fitness level! Geared for beginners, with challenging options for
long-time students to find deeper work in the poses. Everyone
is welcome regardless of experience.

Radiate energy with a combination of fiery sequences and
energizing holds. Add to yoga postures by building additional
heat in the body though repetition and optional props. This class
flows through strength and ease, leaving you feeling energized.

This 75-minute class of restorative Yoga postures and
breathwork is beautifully supported with the healing aromas of
plants. Different essential oils will be offered throughout the
class along with guided imagery, building your bond with plants.
All levels welcome.
*Not appropriate for those with sensitivities to scent.

Connect movement with breath as you follow an invigorating
freestyle flow. This class is a blend of mobility, strength,
stability, and mindfulness all rolled into one practice.

An intentional low impact class builds around Vinyasa Flow with
the use of weights, bands, and a touch of cardio. We will be
moving through Yoga postures with added resistance to
increase strength and enhance your Yoga practice. The class
closes with a brief and balancing savasana, setting you up to
meet the rest of your day.

This class simulates outdoor rides including intervals,
climbs, & speed work to music! A great motivating class
for beginner to advanced cyclists.
& CORE – A short, sweaty 30-minute ride Followed by 20
minutes of core conditioning.
& STRETCH – Quick workout with a nice stretchy cool

A 75-minute all-in-one class. First, you SPIN. Then you hit
those ABS, & finish with a STRETCH. End your day with full
body cardio, core & cooldown!

This dance class is delightfully interactive experience designed to introduce little ones, aged 18 months – 3 years to the magical world of movement and music alongside a parent, grandparent, or special caregiver. Get ready to twirl, sway and giggle together, through the joy of movement.

A high-energy dance aerobic workout set to feel good
music. This fun, fast workout will have you sweating while
you work your entire body. No dance experience

This dynamic workout combines ballet, yoga, Pilates and
strength training. Build strength, flexibility and endurance
while moving to the beat of the music. No experience
needed! Suitable for all levels and ages!

Dance is for everyone, including older adults! Whether you’re a seasoned dancer or just starting out, enjoy many benefits to embracing dance as part of your lifestyle. Every week for 6 weeks we will learn new styles of dance including Jazz, Ballet, Lyrical, etc. Come and dance in a relaxed and fun atmosphere.

Gentle dynamic movement that combines strengthening
and stretching to develop a strong, toned body
by decompressing joints, and re-balancing and lengthening
your muscles.

A classical, dynamic Pilates flow class to increase strength, flexibility, and mind-body connection. Multi-level.

The class fuses a Flow Yoga, focusing on balance, strength, flexibility, with a mat workout- targeting core strength. Combining breath & movement, we will enhance self-awareness, improve postural alignment & leave feeling energized & refreshed.