Check Out Our Class Schedule

6:15 amYoga – Joanne (60 mins)
7:30 am
20/20/20 – Joanne (60 mins)
8:55 am
Body Blast – Joanne (55 mins)
10:00 am
Strength& Stretch – Courtney (55 mins)
11:05 pm
Essentrics – Carmen (55 mins)
12:05 pm
Body Balance – Courtney (45 mins)
5:30 pm
SASS – Kelsie (75 mins)
7:00 pm
Flow Yoga – Kelsie (60 mins)
6:00 amSpin – Taryn (55 mins)
7:00 amToned & Strong – Taryn (55 mins)
8:55 amBody Blast – Taryn (55 mins)
10:00 amFusion – Alison/Megan (55 mins)
11:05 amSASS – Kelsie ( 55 mins)
12:05 pmPulse – Kelsie (45 mins)
5:30 pm
Prenatal Yoga – Laura (60 mins)
7:00 pmRestorative Yoga – Megan (75 mins)
6:15 amYoga – Alison (60 mins)
8:00 amSpin – Michelle (55 mins)
8:55 amBody Blast – Courtney (55 mins)
10:00 amStrength & Stretch – Sigrid (55 mins)
11:05 amLatin Grooves – Sigrid (55 mins)
12:05 pmSlow Flow Yoga – Megan (45 mins)
5:30 pmSASS – Kelsie (75 mins) 
7:00 pmYang/Yin Yoga – Kelsie (55 mins)
6:00 amSpin – Taryn (55 mins)
7:00 amToned & Strong – Taryn (55 mins)
8:55 amBody Blast – Taryn (55 mins)
10:00 amFusion – Alison (55 mins)
11:05 amStrength & Stretch – Becky (55 mins)
12:05 pmHIIT & Hills Spin – Becky (45 mins)
5:30 pm
SASS – Michelle/Kelsie (75 min)
7:00 pm
RestorativeYoga – Megan (75 mins)
8:00 am
Yoga – Laura (75 mins)
9:30 am
Body Blast & Roll – Chris (55 mins)
10:30 am
Strength & Stretch – Courtney (55 mins)
11:30 amBody Balance – Courtney (55 mins)
8:00 am
Slow Flow Yoga – Alison (75 mins)
9:30 am
Body Burn – Taryn (55 mins)
10:30 am
Spin – Taryn (55 mins)
8:00 am
Fusion – Laura (75mins)
9:30 am
Sunday Sweat – Courtney (55 Mins)

Please make a booking for all classes! Book online or call to reserve. Bookings are taken one day in advance

Class Descriptions


A medium-intensity class, using a variety of props to build strength & endurance. Each week will be a different set of exercises, giving you the opportunity to challenge all body parts.


The class fuses a flow yoga, focusing on balance, strength, and flexibility, with a mat workout – targeting core strength. Combining breath & movement, enhance self-awareness & improve postural alignment. You will leave feeling energized & refreshed.


This class is formatted as a circuit, mixing interval & strength training! Core conditioning is included followed by a calming cooldown.


Come join the fun and feel the benefits of aerobic dance. Positive energy, good vibes, strong bones and muscles, as well as a healthy heart and soul. Get your heart pumping!


Indoor spin at its best! Our spin class simulates outdoor rides including intervals, climbs, & speed work to music! A great motivating class for the beginner as well as the advanced cyclist.


This is a gently paced class geared for mature adults, beginners, & individuals needing an increase in joint mobility or those recovering from injuries. The class begins with a simple warm-up followed by strengthening exercises using hand weights & resistance bands & finishing with light stretches.


Yoga develops strength, flexibility and endurance. Appropriate for any age or fitness level! Geared toward beginners, with challenging options for long-time students to find deeper work in the poses. Everyone is welcome regardless of experience.


The perfect blend of two yoga styles into one practice; suitable to all levels. Yang is more external, dynamic, warming and upright whereas yin is more internal, passive, cooling and downward. Finish with an impactful, meditative savasana and leave feeling peaceful, clear and in the present.


A slow, gentle, low-impact practice open to all levels. Restorative yoga relies heavily on props allowing you to move deeper into your body. This style of yoga can be especially beneficial for seniors, those recovering from injury or dealing with chronic pain


Execute full-body compound movements. Our focus is on form & balance, increasing functional strength, and building lean muscle. Toward the end of class, we sprinkle in some HIIT, turning your body into a calorie-burning machine, and increasing your metabolic rate so you can continue to burn calories after class!


Light to medium-intensity workouts focuses on building balance, controlling breathing, and improving mobility.


A 75-minute all-in-one class. First, you SPIN. Then you hit those ABS, then finish with a 15-minute STRETCH SERIES. End your day with a fast full body workout with cardio, core and cool down!


Connect movement with breath as you follow an invigorating freestyle flow. This class is a blend of mobility, strength, stability, and mindfulness all rolled into one practice.


Pulse blends barre, yoga, functional strength and mind-body-inspired movement. You’ll get all this in just ONE class, maximizing your workout – and your time.


A fast-paced class with a combnation of strength, cardio, and core exercises to get your heart rate up and leave your muscles feeling the burn! 


Stretch and support your growing body. This class will practice breathing techniques, poses and meditation to help you connect with your baby and keep you strong and healthy throughout your pregnancy.  


Ideal class for our fabulous 70+ seniors! We want to keep you moving! This class is tailored especially for you to increase your strength, mobility and, energize your youthful spirit. 


A short and sweaty spin session, combining high intensity speed intervals with climbing drills to build power & endurance while increasing cardiovascular fitness. Class includes warm up and cooldown/stretch.


The 3 pillars of fitness are cardio, strength and flexibility. This class  offers there 3 pillars with a 20-minute spin(cardio), followed by 20 -minutes of strength(weight training) concluding with a 20-minute stretch(yoga)