Meet Our Team of Professionals

Valley Fitness Centre | VFC | Teresa Rogal

Teresa - Executive Director

“My goal as executive director is to offer a safe, clean and inspiring facility for staff and members.  The vibe at VFC is engaging and supportive and we want to see you reach your health and fitness goals!  See you in the gym!”

Meet Your Personal Trainers

Valley Fitness Centre | VFC | Taryn Fontana

Jaime Demmon

6 Years ago I was very overweight. 300 + pounds. Through diet and exercise I
changed my life in the most precious way. As a woman in her late 40’s who has
struggled with her weight for the majority of her life I understand completely how it feels to want to be healthier, want to look better and most importantly FEEL better in your own skin.

September 2022 I was looking for a career change. I wanted to be in a positive
environment, to be surrounded with support and like-minded people. Cue an
opening at Valley Fitness Centre, and again my life changed for the better. I have
found my new home at VFC. The supportive Team, the amazing Members AND the push to do more.

Becoming a CPT was an obvious next step for me. I am a very passionate person, I
want to help others succeed in their fitness goals. To be able to help guide, teach,
and encourage someone is a reward in itself, seeing the plan put together and the
outcome on the other end is indescribable.

I am just like you, I have my own goals, hopes, and dreams. I am a constant work
in progress. I have a number of courses in my cue that I am currently working on to be able to provide you with the total package when it comes to your Health Goals. I don’t have to try to put myself in your shoes, I have walked in them, and now I want to help emPOWER you too. Let’s get strong together.

Certification : NCCA Accredited NASM Certified Personal Trainer

(250) 270-0279

Valley Fitness Centre | VFC | Chris Matheson

Chris Matheson

About Me
Having been born and raised in Invermere, Sports have been a high priority in my life. Through my community sports involvement, such as hockey, football, and baseball, I have developed a passion for fitness and health. While struggling with my own weight loss journey. I turned to personal training and made significant changes in my own life. This has guided my passion for helping people to commit to healthy decisions while building their confidence and installing discipline. With over six years of personal training experience, and coaching a diverse clientele set, I bring an abundance of knowledge to ensure your success toward a happier, healthier lifestyle.
  • Elevated Learning Academy Diploma
  • ACE Certification
  • Twist Conditioning Bronze
  • Sports Nutrition
  • Fitness Nutrition Specialist
  • Youth Fitness Specialist
  • Kettlebell Specialist
What I Provide
The training I provide is focused on proper technique, and functional movement patterns, with an emphasis on mobility and flexibility. With over six years of experience coaching strength training. I have the versatility to provide specific programs tailored to your goals. Whether you’re training for a specific sport or just looking to build a healthier lifestyle, I will create a personalized program and nutrition plan that enables you to be successful. I’ll be your coach and I’ll be your friend. I’ll walk beside you rather than behind you. I’ll guide you instead of guilting you. I’ll teach you the principles of human performance so that one day you’ll be in full control of your own health. I’ll be open, honest, and put my nose to the grindstone for you; in return, I expect the same from your end.
(250) 688-1573
Valley Fitness Centre | VFC | Courtney Mastine

Courtney Mastine

Having grown up in rural Ontario I spent a lot of my time as a child being physically active and outdoors. As I got older, I directed that energy to sports playing almost anything from soccer to rugby. I played competitive rugby for about 10 years from high school to the Quebec Women’s Premier League, to being Provincially ranked at Algonquin College, and Nationally ranked at the University of Ottawa. We would train five days a week with one game a week, in that time, I developed discipline, structure, determination, and a passion for fitness.

As I transitioned out of competitive sport and into the “real world”, I remained an athlete at heart. These days I can be found farming vegetables, mountain biking, or running marathons through the mountains. Although my sport and fitness goal shave changed over the years the outcome remains the same; to live a healthy physically active life. That is why I want to help my clients achieve whatever their goals may be.

I am Certified as a Personal Trainer, with a specialization in Women’s Fitness including women of all ages, stages of life, and pre/post-natal women. I am also a Certified Nutrition Coach. I believe that working consistently as a team is the key to success, especially when wanting to make a change to improve your life. I’m no tone to sugarcoat things and tell you things will be easy when they are in fact hard. When things get hard you can lean on me for support and guidance because that’s what teammates do. You may be just starting your fitness journey, or you may have already started, no matter what stage you’re in I’m here to help.


Class Instructors

Valley Fitness Centre | VFC | Megan

Megan Dereski

VFC | Valley Fitness centre | Michelle Taylor | Instructor

Michelle Taylor

VFC | Valley Fitness Centre | Alison Brown | Instructor

Alison Brown

Valley Fitness Centre | VFC | Courtney Mastine

Courtney Mastine

Valley Fitness Centre | VFC | Taryn Fontana

Taryn Fontana

VFC | Valley Fitness Centre | Becky Wiegert | Instructor

Becky Wiegert

Valley Fitness Centre | VFC | Dani Wong

Dani Wong

Valley Fitness Centre | VFC | Ellen Kelly

Ellen Kelly

VFC | Valley Fitness Centre | Joanne Bragg | Instructor

Joanne Bragg

VFC | Valley Fitness Centre | Kelsie Smith | Instructor

Kelsie Smith

Valley Fitness Centre | VFC | Laura Mackinnon

Laura Mackinnon

VFC | Valley Fitness Centre | Carmen Emel | Instructor

Carmen Emel

VFC | Valley Fitness Inc | Marhyn MacSteven | Instructor | Fitness Class

Marhyn MacSteven

Valley Fitness Centre | VFC | Sigrid Sharp

Sigrid Sharp